On Sat, Dec 26, 2015 at 10:12:19AM -0800, Lavolta Press wrote:
> In terms of what I'm doing, right now it's making drapes.  Or more like, buy
> curtain rods, return half of them because they're theoretically Arts &
> Crafts style but they're ugly, buy more rods. Buy brass electrical plates,
> return half of them because they are a lovely Art Nouveau style but
> oversized so would overlap the baseboards, buy smaller ones.  Order swatches
> for curtain material, half haven't arrived because the fabric store owners
> are busy this season. Meanwhile, kitchen contractor goes on vacation for two
> weeks. We won't actually be moving to Sacramento till March at this rate.
> On the bright side, I found out that if you want more or less Victorian lace
> drapes (I'm not claiming 100% accuracy), try those Quaker Lace brand
> tablecloths that are all over eBay and Etsy every day, often at low prices.
> You can easily get them in 100% cotton. Just sew on curtain rings. Many of
> the expensive repro Victorian curtains actually look like tablecloths, with
> a large central motif and borders all around. Matching the shade of
> off-white for several windows in a room is a trick but can be done.

I haven't ordered anything from him, but he's well known in social
dance circles so some of you may know him too:

He's done work at the MFA in Boston, tv shows, the list goes on.
Beautiful photos on the website and facebook...  I don't know my
Victorian lace curtains, but would be willing to bet these aren't the
tablecloth variety.

Fran, I expect you know about them already, but in case not,
Rejuvenation and Lee Valley both sell hardware that might be of

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