Those curtains are lovely. I've looked at them off and on for over 30 years, since we bought our San Francisco house. And the same or a similar manufacturer sells such curtains (with slight defects) for about half the price on Etsy. But I don't like them as much as the ones I have. I'm not restoring a historic house, I'm just furnishing my house the way I like it. I'm very glad we passed up on a couple of National Historic Register houses in Portland that we considered. In fact, I'm glad we passed up on Portland. Dealing with contractors in Sacramento and my husband driving there several times a week is enough of a headache. There seems to be a new small issue every day. I really would not want to be dealing with historic accuracy or a longer distance in addition.

Lavolta Press

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Content preview:  John Burrows lace curtains are lovely, I have some in my 
    They're made on historic looms in Scotland. On Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 2:06 PM,
    Christine Robb <> wrote: > On Sat, Dec 26, 2015 at 
    -0800, Lavolta Press wrote: > > In terms of what I'm doing, right now it's
    making drapes. Or more like, > buy > > curtain rods, return half of them
   because they're theoretically Arts & > > Crafts style but they're ugly, buy
    more rods. Buy brass electrical > plates, > > return half of them because
    they are a lovely Art Nouveau style but > > oversized so would overlap the
    baseboards, buy smaller ones. Order > swatches > > for curtain material,
   half haven't arrived because the fabric store > owners > > are busy this 
    Meanwhile, kitchen contractor goes on vacation for > two > > weeks. We won't
    actually be moving to Sacramento till March at this rate. > > > > On the
   bright side, I found out that if you want more or less Victorian > lace >
   > drapes (I'm not claiming 100% accuracy), try those Quaker Lace brand > >
    tablecloths that are all over eBay and Etsy every day, often at low > 
    > > You can easily get them in 100% cotton. Just sew on curtain rings. Many
    > of > > the expensive repro Victorian curtains actually look like 
    > with > > a large central motif and borders all around. Matching the shade
    of > > off-white for several windows in a room is a trick but can be done.
    > > I haven't ordered anything from him, but he's well known in social >
   dance circles so some of you may know him too: > >
    > He's done work at the MFA in Boston, tv shows, the list goes on. > 
    photos on the website and facebook... I don't know my > Victorian lace 
    but would be willing to bet these aren't the > tablecloth variety. > > Fran,
    I expect you know about them already, but in case not, > Rejuvenation and
    Lee Valley both sell hardware that might be of > interest. > > Christine
   > > h-costume mailing list > >
    > [...]

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