On Mon, Jan 04, 2016 at 11:40:40AM -0800, Lavolta Press wrote:
> When we bought our San Francisco house over 30 years ago, we papered my
> sewing room in J. R. Burrows William Morris wallpaper, still in wonderful
> condition and unfaded. I'm really hoping to sell to someone who sees the
> wallpaper as an asset rather than something weird to just paint over.  It
> doesn't conform to the decoration I see in most houses for sale, which tends
> to be beige, off-white, and modern.  As for our antique light fixtures,
> we're moving them all to the new house and putting up cheap replacements for
> sale.

We've uncovered some paintings on our walls that were buried under
wallpaper, and cleaned some others that had always been exposed but
become a bit grimy over the years.  So we hope for exactly the same
thing whenever we sell this house!  And we'll be taking almost all our
lights with us too.  Too bad we can't take the walls...  

Great to hear that the wallpaper has stood up to the test of time.
I'd love to use some, someday.
> The tablecloths actually look very good, although they are often heavier
> than commercial lace curtains. At $30 or so per tablecloth instead of $250
> or so per curtain, they're a deal. Being next to sunny windows, they'll rot
> out and need to be replaced every few years. I've been dealing with that
> forever in our San Francisco house.

We put window film in our south-facing windows to help with that.
Pros and cons, need to think it through thoroughly when considering
applying something permanent to original glass, and get a very good
quality film.  Even so, things fade, so yeah, not worth putting
expensive curtains on sunny windows.
> When we bought our San Francisco house, we got our hardware from a
> Rejuvenation print catalog, but I find their website hard to navigate. We've
> bought a lot of light switch plates and other hardware for our Sacramento
> house from http://www.houseofantiquehardware.com/, our cabinet hardware
> (kitchen, bathroom, and pantry doors) from http://www.rockler.com/ (if you
> search on terms like "stickley" and "arts and crafts" there's a lovely
> selection), and lots of antique door hardware and more antique light
> fixtures from eBay.  We buy antiques where we can find them, but it can be
> hard to get certain things as antiques when you want them. And we got some
> of our switch plates from this site:
> http://jamesmattson.com/collections/switchplates-bungalow-rose

Thank you.  I only had the first link (and apparently filed in my
bookmarks before I had the separate "hardware" section so have fixed
that); glad to have the others.  (btw, Rejuvenation still has print
catalogues if you ask.)

Good luck with the move and renovations.

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