Okay, I have an overly specific search challenge/request for the list!  I'm
looking for illustrations (of any sort, as long as they're primary or
really really accurate secondary sources) of what upper middle class girls
of 9, 15, and 19 years old would wear in the summer of 1887 as they're
boarding a train for a ride across the US.  To be even MORE specific (and
this and the train aspect are where I've had trouble with my own searches
so far) I'm looking for rear, side, and 3/4 rear views.  The 1880s is
decidedly not my period--can anyone help me?

(This is for a book cover illustration, and okay, period accuracy isn't
strictly speaking a requirement, because maybe .05% of readers would catch
any mistakes, but darn it, _I'd_ know!  You know?)

-E House
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