The two books are good ones, I have them both.

1887 I suspect even the 15 year old and the 19 year old would wear a
small "Traveling bustle". I have a brown "Traveling suit" from the 1880's
made of a rust brown very heavy faille taffeta, relatively simple in
terms of embellishment with matching color velvet collar, wide cuffs and
a matching velvet placket on both sides of the front (this was sometimes
called a "military style").  Dark glass buttons--medium large.  Every
part of hte bodice and skirt is lined in somewhat heavier fabric.  It has
the extra gathering in the back that meant a bustle would have been worn,
or could be taken off for the actual train trip and replaced once at the

 I'll look through my photos and see what I can find.

Interesting search.

Lisa Ashton
Miss Lizzy's Traveling Historical Fashion Show

On Thu, 21 Jan 2016 21:37:57 +1300 michaela de bruce
<> writes:
> I know I have a number of group photos from the 1880s, but they are
> obviously dressed for the photos.
> I think may be 
> one of
> the books, the other was a huge tome, green cover, just trying to 
> remember
> the name.
> Oh, 
> has a lot, a lot of photos of the era here. And includes groups :)
> > Okay, I have an overly specific search challenge/request for the 
> list!  I'm
> > looking for illustrations (of any sort, as long as they're primary 
> or
> > really
> > really accurate secondary sources) of what upper middle class 
> girls of 9,
> > 15, and 19 years old would wear in the summer of 1887 as they're 
> boarding a
> > train for a ride across the US.  To be even MORE specific (and 
> this and the
> > train aspect are where I've had trouble with my own searches so 
> far) I'm
> > looking for rear, side, and 3/4 rear views.  The 1880s is 
> decidedly not my
> > period--can anyone help me?
> >
> > (This is for a book cover illustration, and okay, period accuracy 
> isn't
> > strictly speaking a requirement, because maybe .05% of readers 
> would catch
> > any mistakes, but darn it, _I'd_ know!  You know?)
> >
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