I know I have a number of group photos from the 1880s, but they are
obviously dressed for the photos.
http://store.doverpublications.com/0486265331.html I think may be one of
the books, the other was a huge tome, green cover, just trying to remember
the name.

Oh, http://collection.mccord.mcgill.ca/scripts/advanced_search.php?Lang=1
has a lot, a lot of photos of the era here. And includes groups :)

> Okay, I have an overly specific search challenge/request for the list!  I'm
> looking for illustrations (of any sort, as long as they're primary or
> really
> really accurate secondary sources) of what upper middle class girls of 9,
> 15, and 19 years old would wear in the summer of 1887 as they're boarding a
> train for a ride across the US.  To be even MORE specific (and this and the
> train aspect are where I've had trouble with my own searches so far) I'm
> looking for rear, side, and 3/4 rear views.  The 1880s is decidedly not my
> period--can anyone help me?
> (This is for a book cover illustration, and okay, period accuracy isn't
> strictly speaking a requirement, because maybe .05% of readers would catch
> any mistakes, but darn it, _I'd_ know!  You know?)

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