> And, I am also concerned about what is going to happen in the Fall when a
> lot of the individuals involved with this project are back in
> classes ... if
> setting up the use of these services does not involve turnkey
> solutions with
> automated setups at a known, trusted host who is contractually
> committed to
> maintaining the integrity of the overall network, who is going to
> do all the
> tweaking of the system and all the individual nodes?

Jeff and I were just talking. He has the real network expertise in our
organization, so I wanted to make sure he was on board before we offered to
do anything. Our company, Polycot Consulting, does selective hosting - it's
not our main gig but Jeff is proficient. As I said, we might be willing to
do manageable stuff pro bono, like host primary sites but not a number of
nodes. Otherwise we can offer expertise, help figure out the tech and the
costs if you want to take it elsewhere. The main thing is that we want to
support the effort and we have a clue... which is to say we might be able to
contribute to sustainability in the fall and thereafter.

~ Jon

Jon Lebkowsky
CEO/Catalyst, Polycot

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