Dreamhost also allows multiple (unlimited, actually) MySQL databases and you can configure your own database subdomains for administration through PHPMyAdmin (e.g. drupal.deanspace.com). You can have unlimited databases up to your account space, but they do track something called "conueries," which as near as I can tell is a mix of connections and queries. The cheapest account is 9.95/mo and comes with 5 million of these, to give you an idea.

No, I don't work for Dreamhost or get commissions, I'm just honestly impressed with them.


On Monday, July 28, 2003, at 09:32 PM, Neil Drumm wrote:

Multiple MySQL DBs would be rather nice. We could easily run multiple insances of Drupal then (our site, sample site, development site, sandboxes for developers).

Also what will be the file access scheme? Will multiple developers be able to change files they control around like they can on the SourceForge sandbox?


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On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, John P. Hoke wrote:

I currently use PSekHosting.com and they are great ... I have a 20g
transfer plan for like 179/year and up 20 domains (with unlimited
subdomains and 20 mySQL dbs, etc)


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On Mon, 2003-07-28 at 19:02, CMR wrote:
We're ready to move on this but wanted to get everyone's input on a
good php/mysql-friendly hosting outfit; we're looking at
either http://www.neureal.com or
http://www.ixwebhosting.com/ currently; similar deals; we figure 20
gigs transfer a mon will be plenty; good
price/features/reliability/support ratio is the dream


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