Transparency:  I vote for letting lurkers be anonymous.  Although it does
come back to my earlier question:  Is there any nice way to make particular
posts only readable by a certain set of users.  Personally, I would even
allow anonymous people to post.  If they post anything unappropriate, the
admins/moderators can remove then posts.

In a nutshell, I like Neil's four levels of users, including differentiation
between authenticated lurkers and developers.

Wiki or Book:  I started doing things as books.  I haven't played with a
wiki module for Drupal.  Is there one?  I will load it and play with it and
provide my comments.  I do like the idea of Wiki for quickly changing things
and books for something more permanent.  I also like the idea of Wiki
requiring authentication, and books being transparent

DeanSpace Theme:  The version that Neil sent yesterday is up on


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Right now we are kinda opaque. People have to sign up to see whats going on.
I can do whatever with the Drupal permissions or even use a second instance
of Drupal for our internal communicaion. Are we okay with letting our
lurkers be anonymous? I plan on letting them have privileges to view most


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