Submit things - as in be active in development conversations.  This means
using the communication tools, posting blog entries, etc.  Depending on
what we do with the CVS (keep SF or set up out own tree) we can handle
code submission authentication in the same way.


On Thu, 31 Jul 2003, CMR wrote:

> > Yes this makes sense to me - but i think they should be authenticated
> > before they can submit things. Comments?
> >
> Submit content, as in posts, blogs, profiles, endorsements.. right? not
> scripts/code etc.. I haven't seen any specs indicating we 're inviting folks
> to submit the latter (at this stage) to DeanSpace (correct?); obviously that
> would be a blood red flag given all the karl rove wannabes out there; fake
> registration info, etc...
> If I'm stating the painfully obvious here; proceed with eye rolls and carry
> on...
> Hey Neil, is there a sandbox link to see the DeanSpace theme? I downloaded
> and installed but can't get it to take in my test enviro; bluesky and the
> others load fine though(?); debug time (where's my boss...)
> Thanks
> <--enter gratuitous quotation that implies my profundity here-->

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