Alon Altman wrote:

Tuesday sounds good to me, assuming it won't conflict with debate. However,
Haifux has never changed its day of week since the very first lecture (we
never had such a large pause either).

... and there are several more things that have changed.

If I want to be optimistic, I would hope that Haifux is being reborn. Let's hope that the club is starting over, with infancy problems, as generation II, with hopefully a new, fresh and enthusiastic group of people.

I'm not saying that we oldies should quit. But what the last years have proven, is that when the steering wheel was in our hands, the club almost ceased to bring new members, which is contrary to its first jolly years. And more: problems with vipe have happened in all stages, but an outage of two months points mainly at the fact that we are getting old and slow.

So let's adopt the concept that things are going to change from now on. If a weekday change is suitable for a majority for us, let it symbolize the shift the club needs so much.

BTW, I'm fine with tuesday.



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