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How do I get out of this list?

How parade-rainy of you :) (Alon? Answer?)

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If I want to be optimistic, I would hope that Haifux is being reborn.
Let's hope that the club is starting over, with infancy problems, as
generation II, with hopefully a new, fresh and enthusiastic group of people.

Those I can arrange for - infancy problems are quite easy to generate,
no doubt, but I'm also talking about the people. Many CS undergrads
had some interest in Haifux for a long time, but felt alienated by the
high level of the lectures, and the low undergrad attendance. I
believe those two can be fixed by

A. 'Dumbing down' the lectures. That sounds awful, doesn't it? But I'm
talking about encouraging additional entry-level lectures. I can put
my money (=time) where my mouth is, and give those myself, and I have
some more people in mind which I'll be talking to about them giving

B. Working with the CS undergrad courses. This semester I mentioned my
VIM lecture to a Matam TA, who mentioned it to Kimchi, who mentioned
it to his class... and Taub 3 instantly became packed. Unfortunately,
I didn't know that was going to happen, so the lecture was quite a bit
too-high level. Still, almost everybody stayed for the full two hours,
and several came for more lectures.

I'm not saying that we oldies should quit.

Please don't! None of us youngsters have the experience and knowledge
required to give the interesting high-level lectures, which we (and
I'm speaking for the more advanced users) really enjoy.

BTW, I'm fine with tuesday.


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