(first - i've no problem with tuesdays as well).

On Tue, 31 Oct 2006, Alon Altman wrote:

>  I think the format we had - alternating between advanced and entry-level
> lectures (standard and SiL lectures) is the best.

there are two issues we didn't solve with this:

1. preparing W2L is tedious. it always was - and it became worse every
   year. we over-engineer it, and eventually get relatively poor results.

   i sent an email about this (that seem to have got lost) - that after
   talking with eli, we think a 2-meetings session is enough - one for
   telling people why they should want to try linux, and in the end giving
   them ubuntu CDs. 2 weeks after - a Q&A meeting to answer questions
   people stumbled upon. eli was prepared to handle the first meeting. the
   rest of us will then handle the Q&A meeting (mostly by showing up).

2. we have no mechanism for propagation between SiL and the non-SiL
   lectures. moving frmo W2L to SiL is trivial, since SiL only requires
   W2L knowledge. however, there's no clear point of when people can feel
   safe to move from SiL to non-SiL.

there's no need to add more categories. what you call "basic" should be
marked as "SiL". if a certain meeting requires prior knowlege - it should
be stated on a per-meeting bases. if we have too many categories, people
will likely get confused.


> As long as people know the
> lectures are bi-weekly and come in the appropriate weeks, we both have a
> weekly meeting for keeping the club alive, while each group has a chance to
> hear lectures in their own level. Recall, that haifux was bi-weekly until we
> started W2L and SiL.
> Maybe we should have more diffrentiation between levels:
> - W2L - a fixed-length lecture series for those totally new to Linux, given
>   once per year, maybe coordinated nationally and with a linux day.
> - SiL - standard lectures that bring a linux newbie to become a linux
>   hacker. Things like shells and editors, installing from source, compiling
>   the kernel, users and permissions, filesystems and mounts, etc. Probably
>   to be given in alternating weeks after W2L.
> - Basic lectures - lectures which require only knowledge from W2L and maybe
>   a bit of SiL to be understood. Mostly focus on "how do I ... in Linux",
>   where "..." is something an average user might want to do, or at least
>   consider.
> - Social/Planning meetings - preperation/feedback for W2L/SiL/Linuxday,
>   promoting linux, etc.
> - Advanced lectures - All the rest we know and love: programming,
>   internals, security protocols, lambda calculus, ...
>  It seems like the queue we have now is mostly advanced lectures, though my
> lecture can be considered "basic".
>  Alon
> On Tue, 31 Oct 2006, Ohad Lutzky wrote:
> > Those I can arrange for - infancy problems are quite easy to generate,
> > no doubt, but I'm also talking about the people. Many CS undergrads
> > had some interest in Haifux for a long time, but felt alienated by the
> > high level of the lectures, and the low undergrad attendance. I
> > believe those two can be fixed by
> >
> > A. 'Dumbing down' the lectures. That sounds awful, doesn't it? But I'm
> > talking about encouraging additional entry-level lectures. I can put
> > my money (=time) where my mouth is, and give those myself, and I have
> > some more people in mind which I'll be talking to about them giving
> > lectures.
> >
> > B. Working with the CS undergrad courses. This semester I mentioned my
> > VIM lecture to a Matam TA, who mentioned it to Kimchi, who mentioned
> > it to his class... and Taub 3 instantly became packed. Unfortunately,
> > I didn't know that was going to happen, so the lecture was quite a bit
> > too-high level. Still, almost everybody stayed for the full two hours,
> > and several came for more lectures.
> >
> >> I'm not saying that we oldies should quit.
> >
> > Please don't! None of us youngsters have the experience and knowledge
> > required to give the interesting high-level lectures, which we (and
> > I'm speaking for the more advanced users) really enjoy.
> >
> >> BTW, I'm fine with tuesday.
> >
> > \m/
> >
> >
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