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Subject: Re: [Haifux] An introductory of sorts

Define "equal and fair". My intention is to show a few screenshots,

From my experience, it works better when the presenter presents things
(s)he is fluent with. Newbies usually do not like getting too many options at once, because they get mixed up in the holy (distro) wars.

If somebody has the energy and time, a nice idea is to give the same lecture twice, with two different lecturers, each demonstrating a different set of tools and environment.

Just an idea - I am not that person with the energy and time.


say that many prefer it, that many of those do prefer it because it's
similar to certain other operating systems, that applications which
work here almost always work identically there, that there are
distributions (I plan on demonstrating Ubuntu, so I'll mention
Kubuntu) which have it installed by default, and then get on with
demonstrating Gnome.

On 2/5/07, boazg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
sounds like a great idea.

just remember to use only well-tested stable beryl plug-ins. and give KDE an
equal and fair chance.

On 2/4/07, guy keren <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Ohad Lutzky wrote:
> > On 2/4/07, guy keren <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >> and then you'll come and say "oh, we need to give the lecture about
> >> debugging and developing on linux". wasn't it already agreed to re-run
> >> it for the spring semester students?
> >
> > Well, definitely, but this isn't what I had in mind. I was thinking
> > more along the lines of "there's this thing called Linux, and you'll
> > be using it this semester, and you'll hear lots of horror stories, but
> > here are a few cool things about it" - proceed to show off stuff like
> > desktop environments, package management, Beryl, LiveCDs... Stick a
> > bit of lightweight F/OSS ideology and history in there... that is,
> > something to make the people feel more at ease with Linux. Otherwise
> > the clash with the unknowns of the commandline one experiences in
> > Matam is often all that it takes to keep him locked in Proprietaria
> > forever.
> well, go ahead and prepare this. then be ready to add the dev tools
> re-run ;)
> --guy
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