Make it on top of icewm, and make it run using qemu on windows autostart. This 
will definetly kick some ass.

ביום שלישי 06 פברואר 2007, 16:19, נכתב על ידי Eli Billauer:
> I'm trying to get into the mind of a student, who wants to get the
> exercises done. To most people, "useful" is the best way to attract
> someone to stay around.
> Since the birth of LiveCDs, there actually is a way to give a student
> something that can work right away. Packages are nice, but downloading
> them requires that you get your internet connection right under Linux.
> Desktops are cool, but they are not reason enough to switch from a
> well-known environment.
> I would suggest to create a CS Student edition (CSux is maybe a
> problematic name) of a some LiveCD/LiveDVD distro. The idea is to tweak
> an existing distro to include the environment a student needs for CS
> tasks, with a guarantee not to touch the hard disk. Files would be saved
> on disk-on-key. Maybe a 256 MB RAM disk could be used to keep the most
> commonly used executables and libraries. Something you can give away and
> say: Use it, it's good and it's safe.
> The relevant icons should be on the desktop (editor and maybe a page
> which gives some tips), so that the average student would get along well
> right away.
> And since this distro needs very basic hardware features, there's not
> even a rush to update it too often.
> The point is, that if a student uses a tool for a semester or two,
> there's no better way to make him or her aware of the existence of
> something else than Windows, which is actually good.
>      Eli
> Ohad Lutzky wrote:
> > Well, definitely, but this isn't what I had in mind. I was thinking
> > more along the lines of "there's this thing called Linux, and you'll
> > be using it this semester, and you'll hear lots of horror stories, but
> > here are a few cool things about it"

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