while the industry is nice and all, if someone uses linux for homework, and
then goes to the industry, he is still likely to choose the familiar windows
desktop that he is used to.
that is why i feel desktop linux is so important. and if beryl has the
effect of creating desktop linux users, even for the most shallow and
meaningless reason, i say we go for it. after all, anyone who uses linux on
his desktop, is much more likely to use it at work.

On 2/7/07, Eli Billauer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

 It looks like you wanted this to go to the list...?

Anyhow, we happen to agree on the purpose, not on how to achieve it. I
believe that the main obstacle is to make people friendly with a new
creature. And you get friendly with what you happen to have around.

Yes, some people have switched to Linux without this, but how many of
these are they? I believe that if a CS student did two courses with Linux,
but ended up thinking that it's pretty handy, this could affect future
decision about what to choose once he or she reaches the industry.

Or at least be fully aware of the fact that something free can be useful.
Which is much more than what is commonly thought.


boazg wrote:

this is a very nice idea, and it would make CS student's lives easier, but
it misses the goal of getting CS students to stick with linux after MATAM is
while this would seem rather shallow, we have seen several people stick
with ubuntu for beryl alone and no other reason. even if they end up not
using it. sad but true.

as for the custom distro, great idea, but if it used the user's NTFS drive
it would make life simpler, and this distro would take time to make. time is
the key. the simple show-off lecture takes little time to prepare. and last
but not least, CSux is a "problematic" name. i would go with "white night
linux". or TauBuntu if it was ubuntu based.

On 2/6/07, Eli Billauer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm trying to get into the mind of a student, who wants to get the
> exercises done. To most people, "useful" is the best way to attract
> someone to stay around.
> Since the birth of LiveCDs, there actually is a way to give a student
> something that can work right away. Packages are nice, but downloading
> them requires that you get your internet connection right under Linux.
> Desktops are cool, but they are not reason enough to switch from a
> well-known environment.
> I would suggest to create a CS Student edition (CSux is maybe a
> problematic name) of a some LiveCD/LiveDVD distro. The idea is to tweak
> an existing distro to include the environment a student needs for CS
> tasks, with a guarantee not to touch the hard disk. Files would be saved
> on disk-on-key. Maybe a 256 MB RAM disk could be used to keep the most
> commonly used executables and libraries. Something you can give away and
> say: Use it, it's good and it's safe.
> The relevant icons should be on the desktop (editor and maybe a page
> which gives some tips), so that the average student would get along well
> right away.
> And since this distro needs very basic hardware features, there's not
> even a rush to update it too often.
> The point is, that if a student uses a tool for a semester or two,
> there's no better way to make him or her aware of the existence of
> something else than Windows, which is actually good.
>      Eli
> Ohad Lutzky wrote:
> > Well, definitely, but this isn't what I had in mind. I was thinking
> > more along the lines of "there's this thing called Linux, and you'll
> > be using it this semester, and you'll hear lots of horror stories, but
> > here are a few cool things about it"
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