My goal is to allow to everyone who will want hear lecture the
possibility to enter into Technion as a people do. Especially for
everyone who doesn't want come to every lecture.
Talk with Zvi(, and ask him how "easy"
was to allow entry permission to one time guests. And now imagine that
someone from undergraduate or industry will try to organize it.

I want that it will work without need of any "kombinot".

Eli Billauer wrote:
> My 50 Shekels:
> (1) Don't be more religious than the pope (the "Kabat" in this case).
> (2) Any non-student who asks for a VIP card will get one for 50 NIS, and
> thus get free entrance with cars any evening for a whole year. There is
> no requirement to prove that you're neither a criminal or terrorist.
> (3) As I've mentioned before, I don't understand why all you guys don't
> have one too.
> Bilbo Bugginz wrote:
>> I think all these should be reviewed by the administrator, or should
>> be enabled only for ( registered && Identity verified )┬┤participants,
>> otherwise anybody ( incl. regular criminals or even terrorists )
>> can use that form to obtain entry permission into the campus with a
>> vehicle.
>> Please take care of this.

Leon Romanovsky
"Change is inevitable; progress is optional".

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