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> I worked in Security beck in Jerusalem and have some awarness to the issue.


You and several other people talked about "security". Do you actually believe
that these gatekeepers at the Technion entrances have anything to do with
"security" of the Technion's professors and students? This couldn't be
further than the truth. It may have started this way, but right now their
main concern is to lower the number of cars parking in the campus. They
forgot all about the professors and students that they are supposed to serve
and guard - right now, the opposite is the case, and even professors are
often harassed when they want to invite people in.

Does it strike you odd that (according to the mail quoted earlier), the
kabat is more concerned about students, god forbid, entering the Technion
in the evening, then criminals or terrorists? This just goes to show you
the way his organization really thinks and behaves - it has nothing to do
with "security".

By the way, ever wondered how does checking cars at the entrance going to
scare off criminals and terrorists? How hard it is for a terrorist to get
into the Technion with a bus, or just drive in and ignore the guard at the
entrance (it's not like they're armed with M16s...)? How hard is it for
a criminal intending to, for example, burglerize the Technion, drive in
with a fake red badge on the windshield? And, anyway, what's the point in
checking the criminal's car before, not after, he stolen things?

> Each attendee will fill out a hard copy form at the next Haifux meeting
> he/she attends. The forms will then be processed by the Kabat and the VIP
> cards will be sent by snail-mail (if possible) or picked up by the attendee
> the next time he/she attends.

I suggest you add to this fingerprinting and DNA sequencing. Otherwise, how
would you know that a criminal/terrorist hasn't stolen someone's VIP card
and using it to blow up the technion and/or steal something?

> Old-style solutions work the best in the security field. If it were
> different, we all had key cards and pad locks to our homes...

And all hotels would have had key cards instead of keys... Oh, wait, they
do! Maybe they're not idiots, after all? :-)

> I'd also feel a lot better if we could help, even by little, to make the
> Technion a bit more secure. It's darn too easy to infiltrate and do
> whatever  as it is right now....

"inflitrate"? The Technion isn't a top secret army base, it's a thriving
"city" (as its name in Hebrew says) of a few tens of thosands of people.
Just like anyone can "infiltrate" my own neighborhood (a 10 minute walk
from the Technion), why should you be afraid that someone can "infiltrate"
the Technion? Is it perhaps better that terrorists/criminals operate in
my own neighborhood, and not in the sacred Technion?

> These are my 2 cents....

My contribution is worth less than that, even with the declining dollar ;-)

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