Hi Willy !

On 19/06/2014 21:54, Willy Tarreau wrote:
Hi everyone,

The list has been unusually silent today, just as if everyone was waiting
for something to happen :-)

Today is a great day, the reward of 4 years of hard work. I'm announcing the
release of HAProxy 1.5.0.

Awesome ! Today at work, I told to stay tuned because 1.5.0 was in approach, I didn't expect it was tonight :-)

For the HAProxy development team here in France, it will be time to do
some errands and buy some Champagne to celebrate the event :-)

Thanks to the development team, and to you first ;-)

       Cyril's HTML doc : 

I couldn't wait the next cron and forced the generation for an immediate 1.5.0 documentation...but now configuration-1.5.html is 1.6-dev0. I need some work to generate a 1.5 configuration and introduce the new 1.6-dev one. Hopefully, this will be done tonight or tomorrow.

Cyril Bonté

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