Dear Thierry.

Cool work ;-)

Am 01-03-2015 13:47, schrieb Thierry FOURNIER:
Hi everyone,

Thanks Willy for the introduction.

I join the first part of the document. All the function are not yet
available. The doc uses a markdown format like that uses GitHub. I join
the original format, and the HTML conversion.

The next steps are:
 - collecting users ideas and bug reports,
 - add missing functions like native header manipulations,
 - check the usage of existing libraries,
 - change the 'sleep' engine,
 - add execution timeout to prevent infinite loops,
 - some other tasks ...


I assume you know the lua module for nginx which is also fully non blocking

What I like in this module is the deep integration into nginx.

Maybe it would be possible to integrate lua-scripting into the check agent framework?

inject lua code over contorl socket ;-)


br Aleks

On Sat, 28 Feb 2015 23:33:56 +0100
Willy Tarreau <> wrote:

Hi folks,

this is just a quick mail to let you know that I've just merged the recent work from my coworker Thierry Fournier (in Cc) about supporting Lua scripting in haproxy. I won't go into lengths explaining how that's supposed to be used because I don't really know myself, but I'll let him provide some explanations
and working examples. The real purpose would be to get some feedback,
suggestions, criticisms to get further into this.

At the moment it is possible to declare some Lua-based sample fetch functions, some converters as well and even to create new tcp-request and http-req/resp actions. These last ones (the actions) support yielding so that it is possible to make blocking calls from the Lua code and benefit from haproxy's native session management and scheduling to switch to something else while things
are making progress. Thus the whole system is totally non-blocking and
event-driven, even if in Lua you appear to be blocking.

The long term goal is to be able to quickly provide some features that are not yet possible natively, and eventually to implement some of them natively if they're often requested or have a performance impact. Some of the most complex parts such as writing authentication systems relying on side-traffic would possibly remain written in Lua only, except if we manage to see a big
use of certain things and we see a way to implement them cleanly.

Thierry is busy these days, and that's why I asked him to push his code prior to switching to other tasks despite the doc not being there yet. So it's possible we'll have to wait a bit for some doc, but we'll really value testing, bug reports and feedback. Nothing is set in stone yet, he does have some ideas on how to improve things. I do still have some concerns about long-term stability and resource usage, as you can expect. So use it as a toy first, play with it and tell us if you like it or not, and if not, why.


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