On 2 February 2018 at 17:44,  <garb...@gmx.de> wrote:
> I`m having problems with running haproxy 1.8 on CentOS 7.4 and originally I 
> planned to post my setup, logs and more. But while thinking about this I 
> started to doubt that what I am trying is correct.
> Let me explain what I'm doing, perhaps there is a better approach which 
> solves my problem automatically.
> I start with a plain install of CentOS 7.4 on which I "yum install" the 
> current version that CentOS provides (1.5). Then I replace /usr/sbin/haproxy 
> with a statically linked version of haproxy 1.8.3 (statically because I want 
> a newer version of openssl 1.1 for example).
> This new haproxy runs fine as long as I don't run it with systemd. When I do 
> a "systemctl start haproxy" it silently fails to load haproxy.
> So my basic first question is: shall I try to (with your help) fix this or 
> should I remove the then current haproxy wrapper and have systemd run haproxy 
> directly ?

You need to remove the wrapper and update the unit file
(contrib/systemd/haproxy.service.in). Running haproxy 1.8 through the
wrapper of a 1.5 build with 1.5 unit file, that is gonna cause trouble
for sure.

Actually I suggest you uninstall haproxy properly via yum first.
Otherwise an update of the 1.5 package may overwrite your executable.


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