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> Would I need to upgrade beyond 1.5 to get that working?

I don't have any info about your precise problem, but here's a quote from
Willy's 1.9 thread within the last couple of months:

"Oh, before I forget, since nobody asked for 1.4 to continue to be
maintained, I've just marked it "unmaintained", and 1.5 now entered
the "critical fixes only" status. 1.4 will have lived almost 8 years
(1.4.0 was released on 2010-02-26). Given that it doesn't support
SSL, it's unlikely to be found exposed to HTTP traffic in sensitive
places anymore. If you still use it, there's nothing wrong for now,
as it's been one of the most stable versions of all times. But please
at least regularly watch the activity on the newer ones and consider
upgrading it once you see that some issues might affect it. For those
who can really not risk to face a bug, 1.6 is a very good candidate
now and is still well supported 2 years after its birth."
You might get a solution to this and your other 1.5 problem on the list -
it has a very helpful and knowledgeable population :-)

But if you can possibly upgrade to 1.6 or later, I suspect the frequency of
answers you get and the flexibility they'll have to help you will improve

Jonathan Matthews
London, UK

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