On Mon, Jul 16, 2018 at 01:12:18AM +0000, Thrawn wrote:
>  Update: If I disable threading with
> then the build gets much further, but still fails eventually with:
> gcc  -g -o haproxy src/ev_poll.o ebtree/ebtree.o ebtree/eb32sctree.o 
> ebtree/eb32tree.o ebtree/eb64tree.o ebtree/ebmbtree.o ebtree/ebsttree.o 
> ebtree/ebimtree.o ebtree/ebistree.o src/proto_http.o src/cfgparse.o 
> src/server.o src/stream.o src/flt_spoe.o src/stick_table.o src/stats.o 
> src/mux_h2.o src/checks.o src/haproxy.o src/log.o src/dns.o src/peers.o 
> src/standard.o src/sample.o src/cli.o src/stream_interface.o src/proto_tcp.o 
> src/backend.o src/proxy.o src/tcp_rules.o src/listener.o src/flt_http_comp.o 
> src/pattern.o src/cache.o src/filters.o src/vars.o src/acl.o src/payload.o 
> src/connection.o src/raw_sock.o src/proto_uxst.o src/flt_trace.o 
> src/session.o src/ev_select.o src/channel.o src/task.o src/queue.o 
> src/applet.o src/map.o src/frontend.o src/freq_ctr.o src/lb_fwlc.o 
> src/mux_pt.o src/auth.o src/fd.o src/hpack-dec.o src/memory.o src/lb_fwrr.o 
> src/lb_chash.o src/lb_fas.o src/hathreads.o src/chunk.o src/lb_map.o 
> src/xxhash.o src/regex.o src/shctx.o src/buffer.o src/action.o src/h1.o 
> src/compression.o src/pipe.o src/namespace.o src/sha1.o src/hpack-tbl.o 
> src/hpack-enc.o src/uri_auth.o src/time.o src/proto_udp.o src/arg.o 
> src/signal.o src/protocol.o src/lru.o src/hdr_idx.o src/hpack-huff.o 
> src/mailers.o src/h2.o src/base64.o src/hash.o -lnsl -lsocket  -lcrypt 
> -L../pcre/lib -Wl,-Bstatic -lpcreposix -lpcre -Wl,-Bdynamic Undefined         
>               first referenced symbol                             in 
> file__sync_sub_and_fetch                
> src/cache.o__sync_val_compare_and_swap         
> src/cache.o__sync_lock_test_and_set            src/cache.old: fatal: symbol 
> referencing errors. No output written to haproxycollect2: ld returned 1 exit 
> statusgmake: *** [haproxy] Error 1

I think your gcc is just too old. Those appeared around gcc 4.1 or so.



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