Am 12.01.19 um 08:47 schrieb Willy Tarreau:
>> The following issue was closed ... :
>> https://github.com/lukastribus/hap-issue-trial/issues/3
>> from another repository, just because I referenced the issue
>> prepending the word "Fix":
>> https://github.com/lukastribus/hap-issue-trial-1.8/commit/91a0776fec856766c64b8f3a34a796718c2368c1
> This one is less of a problem because the likelihood that someone writes
> "fixes haproxy/haproxy/#4" in a commit message is particularly low, unless
> they do it on purpose to annoy us of course.

It would only close on us, if the person creating the other commit had
the necessary permissions in our issue tracker.

This example makes me wonder, though: Should the various branches be
separate repositories on GitHub like on haproxy.org or should they be
actual branches (e.g. 1.8.x in haproxy/haproxy instead of
haproxy/haproxy-1.8) for the mirror?

The former would require referencing issues as haproxy/haproxy#123. The
latter allows for a more simple #123.

>> As our intention I believe is to keep the issue open until all
>> affected branches are fixed, this github feature is a little
>> inconvenient. But I guess we can just refer to the issue by prepending
>> it with "issue" or "bug", so GH doesn't see "Fix". Still it feels like
>> we are working against the system.
> As often yes. I'm wondering if based on the previous work you did on the
> pull requests using the API it would be possible to :
>   - reopen closed issues that still have a "*-affected" or "needs triage" 
> label
>   - close issues that don't have "*-affected" nor "needs triage"
> In this case it would mean we just need to use the labels and not care
> about the state at all.

Yes. You can pull issues with a specific state and a specific label from
the API and you can receive webhooks when an issue is being opened or

The following GitHub v4 API query pulls issues with
state == OPEN && (label == "1.6-affected" || label == "enhancement")
for Lukas' test repository from the API. "enhancement" is to be replaced
by the other "*-affected" labels.

  repository(owner: "lukastribus", name: "hap-issue-trial") {
    issues(states: [OPEN], labels: ["1.6-affected", "enhancement"],
last: 100) {
      nodes {

>> - and issue and feature request template
> For this one I have no idea since I don't know much how it works.

You need to a markdown file to the .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE folder in the



>> status: pending-backport
> I think this one is implied by the presence of "affects:"

Not necessarily. "affects" without "pending-backport" probably needs
more work finding the issue first, while "pending-backport" can be as
easy as a cherry-pick.

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Tim Düsterhus

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