Am 14.01.19 um 02:08 schrieb Lukas Tribus:
> My simple github script which relays the PR to the mailing list uses
> the GH Rest API through the agithub client [1]. I will have a look at
> how extensible it is, but extracting labels of closed issues and
> reopening it if it contains one of the "affected" labels should be
> quite simple.

I suggest to not fully rely on the webhooks (they might not be delivered
under high load).

Also: The automated closing / opening should only happen for type: bug

> I added labels based on the previous discussion (and removing and
> skipping some of them, as we are already at 30 labels anyway):
> https://github.com/lukastribus/hap-issue-trial/labels?sort=name-asc

I suggest to make it less colorful. e.g. use a single color for all the
subsystems (they are probably the least interesting label).


May I suggest the following to move forward?

1. Enable the issue tracker on GitHub.
2. Set up the labels based in the list in Lukas' repository.
3. Prepare a patch that adds the issue templates, with a `see #1` in the
commit message body.

Ideally Lukas would do this, he did the bulk work of testing with the
templates (you can add me as a Co-authored-by: Tim Düsterhus
<t...@bastelstu.be> at the bottom).

Lukas: You probably need to update the "bug" label to "type: bug" in the
Bug.md template.
4. Someone creates a first issue titled "Add issue templates".
5. The patch is merged by Willy.
6. The issue is being closed by Willy.

That way we can test the process with a small, unimportant, test issue.
The automated closing based on the labels can than be added a few days
later. I don't expect huge numbers of issues right away, so they can be
closed by hand.

Best regards
Tim Düsterhus

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