On Sat, 12 Jan 2019 at 13:38, Willy Tarreau <w...@1wt.eu> wrote:
> > The situation on GitHub does not need to mirror the situation on
> > haproxy.org. You could still use separated repositories on haproxy.org
> > to separate permissions and push the "validated" commits to GitHub. This
> > is what the PHP project does. The canonical repositories lives on their
> > infrastructure and GitHub is a mirror only. They have a pre-receive hook
> > that prevents pushes if files / branches outside one's permission set
> > are touched: https://github.com/php/karma/blob/master/hooks/pre-receive

Cool, did not know that.

> > Just mentioning the issue does not close it! You have to prefix the
> > number with a "(Fix(es)?|Closes?)".
> > Mentioning the issue comes with the nice property that the commit
> > appears in the timeline of the issue, which I consider useful.
> Got it, I didn't think about this, makes sense indeed. I agree that
> given that we'll have unique ID numbers across all branches, it would
> be sad not to be able to easily reference them.

Yes, I agree that ideally we should be able to reference the issue #ID
from the commits, and if we can mirror stable branches into the same
repository on github, it should just work for all of them.

> > > Mind you that I don't have any idea what language this code block uses nor
> > > where it has to be stuffed, so I'll trust you :-)
> >
> > It's the Graph Query Language the v4 API of GitHub uses:
> > https://developer.github.com/v4/. You send it as the body of the HTTP
> > API request and get back a JSON formatted reply with the data you asked
> > for. And if it's non-empty you send a new API request that opens /
> > closes the issue in question.
> > Where it needs to be stuffed: On some server that runs a cronjob /
> > ingests the webhooks. :-)
> Thanks for the explanation.
> > In the long run it can probably be stuffed as a GitHub Action and be
> > part of the repository (in the .github folder). They are still a Beta,
> > though: https://developer.github.com/actions/
> Thanks for the link, I wasn't aware of this.

Yeah I think there are a lot of possibilities.

My simple github script which relays the PR to the mailing list uses
the GH Rest API through the agithub client [1]. I will have a look at
how extensible it is, but extracting labels of closed issues and
reopening it if it contains one of the "affected" labels should be
quite simple.

I added labels based on the previous discussion (and removing and
skipping some of them, as we are already at 30 labels anyway):


Also Tim improved the issue templates.


[1] https://github.com/mozilla/agithub

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