On Fri, May 03, 2019 at 07:27:48PM +0200, Frederic Lecaille wrote:
> -  - env VTEST_PROGRAM=../vtest/vtest make reg-tests
> +  - env TMPDIR=~/tmp VTEST_PROGRAM=../vtest/vtest make reg-tests

That may sound like a stupid question, but what makes you think that
~/tmp will actually result in a smaller path ? I mean ~ might very
well be "/home/automated-builds/travis/version-" on
the target system. Thus I think we're trying random locations until
it works :-/

Theorically /tmp is always shorter. Now if /tmp doesn't work for
whatever reason we may end up having no other choice, but if so it
was not clear in this thread and further is not mentioned in the
commit message, which leaves me with a big doubt.


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