On Sun, May 05, 2019 at 09:40:02AM +0200, Willy Tarreau wrote:
> With this said, after studying the code a little bit more, I'm seeing a
> potential case where if we'd have a trailers entry in the HTX buffer but
> no end of message, we could loop forever there not consuming this block.
> I have no idea if this is possible in an HTX message, I'll ask Christopher
> tomorrow. In any case we need to address this one way or another, possibly
> reporting an error instead if required. Thus I'm postponing 1.9.8 for
> tomorrow.

So the case is indeed possible and at the moment all we can do is try to
minimize the probability to produce it :-(  The issue is caused by the
moment we've received the end of trailsers but not the end of the mesage.
>From the H2 protocol perspective if we've sent the END_STREAM flag, the
stream is closed, and a closed stream gets detached and cannot receive
new traffic, so at best we'll occasionally close too early and report
client failures at the upper layers while everything went OK. We cannot
send trailers without the END_STREAM flag since no frame may follow.
Abusing CONTINUATION is out of question here as this would require to
completely freeze the whole connection (including control frames) for
the time it takes to get this final EOM block. I thought about simply
reporting an error when we're in this situation between trailers and EOM
but it will mean that occasionally some chunked responses of sizes close
to 16N kB with trailers may err out, which is not acceptable either.

For 2.0 we approximately see what needs to be modified to address this
situation, but that will not be trivial and not backportable.

For 1.9 I'm still trying to figure what the "best" solution is. I may
finally end up marking the stream as closed as soon as we see the
trailers pushed down. I'm just unsure right now about all the possible
consequences and need to study the edge cases. Also I fear that this
will be something hard to unroll later, so I'm still studying.


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