Hi Patrick,

On Mon, May 13, 2019 at 08:18:21AM -0400, Patrick Hemmer wrote:
> There's been mention of releasing 1.9.8. Will that release contain a fix for
> the issue reported in this thread?

Sorry, I mixed it with the other ones speaking about 100% CPU. I've
re-read the whole thread and yours was related to the trailers in HTX
mode which was indeed addressed in 1.9 by commit ec4ae19eb ("BUG/MEDIUM:
mux-h2/htx: never wait for EOM when processing trailers").

I've been trying to release 1.9.8 this week-end then today but got
distracted by reviews, last minute fixes and carefully checking that we
don't need any new patch. Now everything looks OK, trying to get back
to this now.


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