Dear HAProxy Community,

We are currently trying to implement load balancing using Java Web Start (ie no 
cookie support) and we are having issues with session stickiness.

I have configured the following

stick-table type string len 52 size 5M expire 30m
stick on urlp(jsessionid,;)

Which successfully captures the jsessionid parameter in the request from the 
client, but sends the request to another server in the pool, prompting an error 
from the application server stating that the session does not exist.

I have read through the documentation and archived mailing lists several times, 
however I am still unclear as to whether I should be capturing the request or 
the response

When I add the following,

stick store-response urlp(jsessionid,;)

haproxy informs me that  "'stick': fetch method 'urlp' extracts information 
from 'HTTP request headers', none of which is available for 'store-response'"

I would have thought that I would need to capture the jsessionid response from 
the backend server and stick this jsessionid to the client for subsequent 
requests, or am completely off the mark?

Your guidance on the following issue we are facing would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,

N Mihelioudakis


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