HI  Geoff, Willy

Great to see TLS onloader continue.

> Le 22 août 2019 à 16:33, Geoff Simmons <ge...@uplex.de> a écrit :
> On 8/22/19 14:40, Willy Tarreau wrote:
>>> I would suggest naming it something like fc_authority or
>>> fc_pp_authority, to be specific about where it came from.
> Since you used fc_pp_authority in an example further down, I'll take
> that as the choice (unless somebody yells). Seems better to me, since
> just "authority" could refer to a number of things.

fc_pp_authority seems ok.
(fc_)authority could refer to ssl_fc_sni for ssl connection or host header for 
http connection.

About the TLS onloader configuration. If i understand the principle of servers 
set to and stick table:
The server configuration will look like:
   server s0 ssl sni fc_pp_authority
For stick part, to correctly reused TLS connection, destination IP + authority 
should be used.


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