I would suggest using HOMEBREW_NO_AUTO_UPDATE environment variable to avoid 
Brew auto-updating where it’s not really needed, for instance as in:

HOMEBREW_NO_AUTO_UPDATE=1 brew install socat

If that doesn’t work (but I think it should), pinning will cause none of 
dependancies to be installed automatically and only through manual install:

brew list | xargs brew pin
brew install socat

> On 9 Jul 2020, at 09:19, Илья Шипицин <chipits...@gmail.com> wrote:
> We install socat, because it is (or was?) needed for some tests. OSX requires 
> to update whole brew for that. Otherwise it works unstable
> On Thu, Jul 9, 2020, 9:16 AM Willy Tarreau <w...@1wt.eu <mailto:w...@1wt.eu>> 
> wrote:
> Hi Ilya,
> is it normal that the OSX build procedure in travis pulls gigabytes of
> ruby and python crap, including fonts, libgpg, gnutls, qt, postgresql
> and whatnot for many minutes ?
>      https://travis-ci.com/github/haproxy/haproxy/jobs/359124175 
> <https://travis-ci.com/github/haproxy/haproxy/jobs/359124175>
> It's been doing this for more than 12 minutes now without even starting
> to build haproxy. I'm suspecting that it's reinstalling a full-featured
> desktop operating system, which seems awkward and counter productive at
> best.
> I don't know if that's automatically done based on broken dependencies
> or if it is caused by a preliminary upgrade of the whole system, but I
> think we need to address this as it's quite not efficient in this form.
> Thanks!
> Willy

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