Am 09.07.20 um 20:34 schrieb Ryan O'Hara:
> I'm currently packaging this for Fedora. It seems to build just fine on
> Fedora 32 and rawhide. Is there any new build options or dependencies to be
> aware of? I'm looking at the Makefile now and nothing jumps out at me. That
> said, I am totally capable of missing something.

I've just run `git diff v2.2-dev0..v2.3-dev0 -- Makefile`. The only
thing I'm seeing that might of of interest to you is HLUA_PREPEND_PATH /
HLUA_PREPEND_CPATH if you plan to ship any HAProxy specific Lua
libraries that don't make sense in the global Lua library path.

See this mailing list thread for details:

Specifically this email for the patch:

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Tim Düsterhus

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