At 19.34 UT still on air both,

Russian 9604.592 kHz, forget to tell tremendous signal strength of + S=9+45dB powerhouse and more.

German sce on little less S=9+35dB powerful signal tonight.

73 wb
btw. VoGreece Avlis little lesser signal of S=9 strength,
on 9420even kHz frequency at 1937 UT, heard lovely Greek folk music program tonight.

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Subject: Re: [HCDX] Radio Cairo still on the air?

EGYPT   R Cairo on air on two channels tonight.

At 1850 UT heard a very low(5 % only) modulated signal on
9489.996 kHz. S=9+35dB powerhouse here in southern Germany.

Arab song group traditionell of R Cairo music of 40 years ago.
Transmission lasted still at 19 UT when German language ID and
R Cairo time schedule heard til 19.00:49 UT

9490 1800 1900 28      ABS  200 325 211  Ita    EGY ERU
9570 1900 2000 27,28   ABS  200 325 211  Deu    EGY ERU
9605 1900 2000 29      ABS  250 5   146  Rus    EGY ERU

Now from 19.01 UT  on 9569.997 kHz German language and
very odd frequency of 9604.592 kHz Russian section on air.

73 wb

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