Hi all,

I ran a test recently comparing "aggressive" vs. "soft" denoising in MELODIC on 
an HCP resting-state run, regressing out the "bad" components found in the 
rfMRI_REST1_LR_hp2000.ica/.fix file (I believe the location of this info is 
different in the newer release but I'm working off HCP500 data). Both denoising 
methods gave similar results which also looked similar to the released HCP 
ICA-FIX denoised timeseries (i.e. rfMRI_REST1_LR_hp2000_clean.nii.gz), but I 
expected the soft denoised MELODIC output to be identical, which it was not. Is 
there a step I'm missing, or did you run the ICA component regression with a 
different tool?

Thank you!

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