On Thu, 22 Dec 2016, Harald Barth wrote:

> > kadmin -l is not a kdc and probably does not read kdc.conf. I've not
> > looked at the current code to see how much of this was resolved, but
> > we used to have to patch a bunch of places to get kadmin -l and a
> > bunch of the servers to read kdc.conf.
> That's why I copied it to /etc/krb5.conf but I have not analyzed the
> config file parsing yet, I hoped someone could provide me with a
> working example (/me lazy ;-)

I think I've had a similar issue when upgrading to some 1.5 release I believe
and switch the kdc database to sqlite in /etc/krb5.conf

    database = {
        dbname = sqlite:/var/db/heimdal/heimdal

helped me to make it work.

If there is some mismatch between kdc/kadmin defaults it was there earlier.


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