Hello list,

Out of laziness I'll just copy & paste an issue I sent to a freebsd ml (without responses):
I'm trying to mount a kerberized NFSv4 share on FreeBSD 11. It's an experimental setup without DNS; only /etc/hosts based lookup. I can't even get kinit to work and, expectedly, mounting also fails. The problem is that kinit stubbornly tries to get the kerberos kdc records from DNS, although the server's ip is specified in /etc/hosts and it's in krb5.conf and additionally krb5.conf is set to not do any DNS lookups.

So, I installed MIT kerberos and that version of kinit works fine, but the problem then is, how to make mount use the MIT version?

The Heimdal version identifies itself as 1.5.2. The main problem is that Heimdal doesn't appear to use /etc/hosts for looking up the KDC's IP address, but goes to DNS, and fails.

Maybe someone here can help? Of course, I can edit the freebsd source and rebuild Heimdal, but I'd rather not if I could configure my way out of this.

Heikki Lindholm

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