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> The following is even more my personal opinion and point of view:
> My counterquestion would be: Do current corporate and free networks
> prevent this? You can see twitter enabling white surpremacy,
> racists. The federated social network diaspora suffers from equal
> problems. But at the same time they enable the communication of other
> groups which depending on whoever writes the law could get in much
> trouble for even communicating about it (pro-choice in poland,
> anarchists in netherlands, etc).


I just had to add that your comparsion is problematic, the main example
we had was childporn, you know state white surpremacy and racism, thats
free speech, in a network that nobody owns I dont see how pure different
views that are in most western countries at least legal, could be

You could then go on then about Feminism I am a Antifeminist (dont belive
that at least in western countries the females are the opressed people,
many indicators point to the opposite, but we should not start to argue
that, thats not the right place here).

So I have a bit o problem to mix here together clearly in 99% of all
countries illegal child porn with different political views. The ladder
should never be blocked, as long as its not some sort of REAL mobbing or
something like that.

But again I also dont see big chances taht even something like that
suceeds, if here a child in germany makes suicide because on facebook
people mobbed em, facebook dont even gives out the ip or name of the
persons so even on this centralised/non-anonym (for the distributor)
network, you cant enforce law.

If you go in such "dark" places you should know what could happen there
and take the nessasary precausious, but I basicly just tell that the
wrong person I guess :)

Just try not to mix in childporn with other political viewpoints, but it
shows how fast that happens, and if you would give anybody the power to
block lets say child porn, they would nearly guaranteed soon be used to
limit free speech or hunt small crimes like black copies.

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