On 12.10.2016 20:29, Jan Eichstaedt wrote:
> Even before asking how to prevent inhumane deeds (I avoid the terms good
> and bad, when I can, as laid out in the foregoing conversations), the
> question is whether or not to prevent inhumane deeds. Your line of
> arguments seems to me that if GNUnet's current infrastructure is not
> supporting to prevent anything then a discussion about preventing
> inhumane deeds is obsolete.
> IMHO goals come before means. GNUnet's infrastructure is a means to an
> end, too, that must be defined beforehand. Who knows? Perhaps most
> contributors of the GNUnet Project choose to not prevent anything from
> being done. Only after they have decided to prevent something, it would
> become relevant to ask further how to prevent it including to change the
> infrastructure.

As long as privacy and censorship resistance can only be achieved by using
encryption, it is impossible to achieve the goals of preventing inhumane
behaviour, because encryption is based on math, and math is orthogonal to

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