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> boring.
> On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 4:28 PM, Gamemann <> wrote:
>>  Dear Valve and others, I want to talk about a major issue with the
>> Steam Master Servers. For a while now, the CS:GO server browser would only
>> display <1000 community servers in the server browser which is low
>> especially for a very large game. The only people to blame were the CS:GO
>> developers. Recently, I’ve been testing out the server browser, and I’ve
>> concluded this isn’t a CS:GO specific issue, this issue impacts CS:GO more
>> than other games due to the amount of Valve official servers.
>>     I’ve discovered that Valve official servers are not shown on the
>> CS:GO in-game server browser. I’ve used a program called “Wireshark” and
>> started a packet capture when I refreshed the server browser, in the
>> detailed packet capture, all the tags are listed and for Valve official
>> servers, there was a tag named “valve_ds”. I have set this tag for one of
>> my servers on the server browser and it also disappeared immediately,
>> removing the tag made the server reappear again. This shows that even
>> though no Valve official servers are displayed on the in-game server
>> browser, they are still being requested from the Steam Master Servers. The
>> Steam server browser is different, it does not filter servers with the tag
>> “valve_ds” and shows all servers the Steam Master Servers give you
>> including Valve official servers.
>>     This leads to the problem with the Steam Master Servers. It is
>> capped at 5000 maximum servers. On the Steam server browser (no filters),
>> every game that I’ve tested, including Team-Fortress 2, Counter-Strike:
>> Global Offensive, Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Source, etc (¾ of
>> these games overall have 7000+ servers) will not display any more than 5000
>> servers. The CS:GO server browser usually displays around 50-1000 servers
>> because there are around 3000-4000+ Valve official servers. If there is a
>> cap on the amount of servers it can give you, then this is a valid reason
>> why it doesn’t display 1000+ community servers. Remember, the CS:GO in-game
>> server browser still requests the Valve official servers but filters them
>> in the browser itself.
>>     This should help Valve fix the issue. Another thing I would like to
>> mention is that every game I listed uses the Steam Master Servers, I did a
>> packet capture with Wireshark when I refreshed the in-game server browser
>> and it gave me the same Steam server IP in Wireshark right before it
>> requested all the game servers (the Steam server IP changes if you block
>> the current Steam server IP through the Windows Firewall tool). One last
>> thing I would like to mention is even if there isn’t exactly 5000 servers,
>> doesn’t mean it isn’t capped at 5000 maximum servers, I’ve found that it
>> sends a request to every IP the Steam Master Servers give you, if it
>> doesn’t respond, it will not display on the server list (there were 50+
>> servers not responding with my search which is the reason why I only got
>> 4911 servers on the Steam server browser for CS:GO instead of 5000 exactly).
>>     Valve should also consider setting Valve official servers to not
>> report to the Steam Master Servers. CS:GO doesn't display any Valve
>> official servers, but it still requests each server, therefore, the server
>> browser will stop displaying new servers (server browser "stops") for a
>> period of time because it is filtering all the Valve official servers and
>> it will take more time to display all the community servers after the Valve
>> official servers.
>>     Overall, I hope Valve addresses this issue. Fixing this issue will
>> benefit Valve and the community.
>> Thanks for reading.
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