Still trying to get homenet working :-(

I’m using hnet-full on CC 15.05.1 on Linksys wrt1200ac.
My ISP requires dhcpv4 parameters to establish a connection, both clientid and 
vendorid. <> shows how 
to set clientid by inserting it into (runtime) /lib/netifd/proto/ 
However, the context in the file does not seem to be present ("Between 
json_add_string name “${interface}_4” and json_close_object for IPv4”): neither 
${interface_4}, nor json_close_object. There is no equivalent instruction for 

Additionally, this is an ADSL connection so I need a pppoe connection to my 
external modem, including a username/password. What’s the canonical way to add 
this extra step with hnetd?  I can add it to a uci interface (even an interface 
not called WAN) and the connection is made, but I don’t know whether this will 
interfere with hnet. 

I have no idea whether it’s related, but hnetd segfaults soon after starting - 
and I cannot find a core file. I can restart hnetd, spot the command running, 
and run that command manually with —loglevel 9 at the end. It ends thus:

hnetd[2736]: Router B0A0B130
hnetd[2736]: hncp_run /usr/sbin/hnetd-routing
hnetd[2736]:  bfsipv6prefix
hnetd[2736]:  fd55:dfae:42ce::/48
hnetd[2735]: Executing PA Routine for no-prefix%excluded-prefixes from 
fd55:dfae:42ce::/48 flags (- - -)
hnetd[2735]: No matching rule was found.
hnetd[2735]: platform: *** begin interface update inhnet (wlan0)
hnetd[2735]:    Elected(SMPHL): 0, Zone: lan
hnetd[2735]: platform: *** end interface update inhnet (wlan0)
hnetd[2735]: platform: *** begin interface update e06 (eth0)
hnetd[2735]:    Elected(SMPHL): 0, Zone: wan
hnetd[2735]: platform: *** end interface update e06 (eth0)
hnetd[2735]: platform: async notify_proto for inhnet: Success
hnetd[2735]: platform: async notify_proto for e06: Success
Segmentation fault

‘inhnet’ is my internal homenet controlled interface (just wlan0). ‘e06’ is the 
hnet controlled interface on eth0. I’m also running pppoe on eth0 to establish 
the ISP connection, so I can imagine that these two are tripping over each 

I’d rather not go through the pain of building from source and adding debug 
statements, but, if necessary, I will.


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