Obviously there are no prizes for guessing the inspiration for this new podcast.

Viewed in isolation I am quite happy to give this new podcast a listen and, as 
a means of getting its existence publicised, HPR is probably a valid medium. 
The fact that we are discussing it now proves that the principle works. All the 
same, I think the correct method would be to use an HPR show as a "container", 
with introductory content by the producers in addition to the podcast itself. I 
seem to recall at least one precedent for this approach.

I would not object to HPR being used in this way for "first editions" of new 
tech-related podcasts. However if the same approach is attempted for future 
episodes then I think it should be resisted, otherwise HPR will run the risk of 
becoming hijacked as a distribution medium.

Nige (Beeza)

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Subject: [Hpr] HPR 3009

Hello, fellow members of the HPR Community.

I'm writting to you today, because I am concerned by episode 3009.

This seems to me like a clear case of "syndication" : first the title, "Linux 
Inlaws S01 E01", and then the fact that there is no mention of HPR at all in 
the show.

I had a discution with Ken about this, and I understand there are circumstances 
to kind of justify the presence of this show on HPR, but I am concerned that 
this kind of episode don't really belong - at least in this form - here.

With another title, and an a proper acknoledgment on the recording, I would be 

I am curious to know what the rest of the community thinks, as I'm pretty sure 
I cannot be the only one to feel this way.

Cheers !


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