I have just started to use Hugin.
After trying to take some pictures with effect in a forest (and failing) I 
did some comparative tests between panorama and wide angle for the same 
This has led me to delve deeper into the panorama style and the use of 
Hugin. I have a pano head arriving next week.

I am trying to get to grips with Hugin and figure out what throws it out. I 
went back to a very simple window frame with horizontals, verticals and 
straight lines, 3 shot hand held panorama.
In each image the frame lines are straight within 3 pixels worst case with 
no lens correction. I only add control points manually to marks on the 
frames, control points placed within 1 pixel.
I can perspective correct each frame individually in Hugin 
(http://hugin.sourceforge.net/tutorials/perspective/en.shtml) and they are 
spot on to easily merge in gimp say.

If I put all 3 images into Hugin and match up the same control points the 
window frame goes all humpty and I the errors are not good.
I guess I must be doing something to confuse Hugin but can't figure it out. 
Should I be perspective correcting the images before combining, does Hugin 
correct each image first and then try to combine or just try to average 
things out.
Do I need to keep the camera dead level to avoid confusing Hugin, i.e wait 
for the pano head.
Any help appreciated as this has me a bit baffled.


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