Hi Adrian,
As a co-author of the draft, my thoughts are as follows:
* We need the standardization for the data model of monitoring interface. The 
monitoring interface plays a very important role of collecting NSF status, 
malicious events, etc, for the I2NSF architecture if done in a timely and 
comprehensive way;
* the information model is necessary to explain which information are needed 
for monitoring interface, and why and how to design their classification, their 
attributes, etc. It's an important base and useful complement for the final 
data model.


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主题: [I2nsf] Thoughts on draft-zhang-i2nsf-info-model-monitoring

Working Group,

Linda and I would like to hear some more from you about 

Is it something you think we should be working on?
Should we have a separate YANG module for it or fold it into other modules?
If we produce a YANG module, do we still need to publish the information model?

And, most important, what do you think of the content of the draft?


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