Why: Monitoring is a key component to I2NSF for monitoring NSF devices.  
Monitoring is not the same as NSF devices sending notifications - which is a
push from the NSF devices.  Monitoring may encompasses specific requests to
the device.   Monitoring is different than the DOTS - "help me" cry from a
device under attack.
While I see the security ADs are proposing Security event, it is important
that the I2NSF create monitoring concepts that work with all of the
functions (e.g. querying capabilities, sending/receiving notification, and

Data model versus Information model:  Since we do not seem to have a clear
idea of what the data model should be, it is important to create the
informational models.  

The content of the draft is a good first step. 

Sue Hares 

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Working Group,

Linda and I would like to hear some more from you about

Is it something you think we should be working on?
Should we have a separate YANG module for it or fold it into other modules?
If we produce a YANG module, do we still need to publish the information

And, most important, what do you think of the content of the draft?


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