hello everyone,
long time no see! i've been a long time i3 user but only since a recent upgrade 
i've started having issues with 

to be specific, in my .xinitrc I have:

i3 -d all >> ~/i3-out 2>> ~/i3-err &
ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa_dieter-ws-a7n8x-arch < /dev/null
(.. some more stuff)
wait $waitpid

i posted my i3 config to https://gist.github.com/Dieterbe/d5870b230369818d2d47 
(it's pretty much default, with a few extra binds and a different bar)

the ssh-add spawns the x11-ssh-askpass program and since recently i've been 
seeing these two problems:

screenshots of both issues @ http://imgur.com/a/TbNn1

1) the window is way too small. it used to be just the right size for the popup.

2) after entering the password and hitting enter, a "ghost" of the window stays 
stuck in all of my i3 workspaces.
those workspaces that have windows in them will have the windows cover it, but 
otherwise if i go to say workspace number 5 while no windows are there, it'll 
show a ghost of the ask pass window.

any idea what might be the cause? i'm using 4.11


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