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> Great news Dave! hopefully more and more OLPC members will join the
> conversation on the IEP list.

Sadly, I must admit that I do not expect anyone at OLPC to join this list.

> - OLPC offered XO-1.75 and XO-4 upgrade kits in the past, to upgrade
>> XO-1s, but they didn't sell that well; she agreed with Tony's assessment
>> that users will run the XO-1 until it fails, and OLPC has no EOL date in
>> mind
>> - OLPC is still offering XO-4s (touch and non-touch) with a minimum order
>> of 100 units through the end of this year for sure, and has a few units in
>> stock in Miami if anyone wants to buy just one or two; and Leah said they
>> could look into updating the laptop.org website to make the offer public
> I belive SL business is the software We should not pay for any hardware
> (besides the servers) that must be provided from PC manufacturers for
> development ans testing. We already have experience with Intell locally.

You do not think SL should offer hardware to developers to raise funds?

> - OLPC is now also offering a newer model, a classmate-spec machine, and
>> will send me details about this; its rugged and branded but not got the
>> pixel qi screen.
>> - OLPC only ships Sugar, and is very happy with it, and wants to support
>> the developer community although isn't sure how to so;
> And we are very happy supporting the OLPCs too. We would like to continue
> doing so in a sustainable way for active members. We should let them know,
> we are developing a thematic fund structure for OLPC and other "investors"
> to be able to directorate the resources into specific projects.

I agree that they ought to be one of the many companies we approach for
funding in the future :)

> - OLPC is willing to put me in touch with deployments if I wanted to visit
>> them to do user testing of the font editor activity and font design
>> workshops for kids
> I believe full transparency for technical contacts, year of intervention,
> native language, number of machines, etc should be public information as
> long as it is public education.

Leah said she could look into how often their customers upgrade Sugar, so I
guess I'll speak with her again in a couple of months when I have more
information about the font editor and some idea about the upcoming 0.110

IAEP -- It's An Education Project (not a laptop project!)

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