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>>> Great news Dave! hopefully more and more OLPC members will join the
>>> conversation on the IEP list.
>> Sadly, I must admit that I do not expect anyone at OLPC to join this list.
> Could you please explain why?

Most adults do not 'get' internet culture: They do not participate on the
net any more than they have to, beyond connecting with friends and family
they know face to face. There is no participation in any online
communities; they do not understand why discussing with strangers on the
internet could be valuable - it is just a waste of time, from their
perspective, and they weigh the downsides - not only having their ideas and
ideologies criticised, but often personally attacked - much heavier than we
(we who do participate) do.

In working with teams at both small and large companies over the years,
despite working on tech products directly related to the internet, I have
met _many_ people who have no interest in internet culture. There is
nothing about them online. They have their families, their sports/social
clubs, their TV magazines and other "old media";  they perform labour that
they learned to do in their early 20s at college, and learn new aspects of
their work through training courses that their employer provides.

And this is only my impression, but it is my impression that the company
culture at OLPC Inc today is one of mainstream normality: good, friendly,
kind people who work in their office diligently at regular hours, and are
not obsessed with their work, and do not take their work home with them,
and have zero patience for anything other that professional, courteous
interactions, that involved respected lines of authority.

I have this impression not from speaking with Leah, but by browsing their
web properties - homepage, wiki, mailing lists, etc - which are all very
old, and not updated this year (except the blog) - and their total absence
not only from recent discussions but the archives too.

> - OLPC offered XO-1.75 and XO-4 upgrade kits in the past, to upgrade
>>>> XO-1s, but they didn't sell that well; she agreed with Tony's assessment
>>>> that users will run the XO-1 until it fails, and OLPC has no EOL date in
>>>> mind
>>>> - OLPC is still offering XO-4s (touch and non-touch) with a minimum
>>>> order of 100 units through the end of this year for sure, and has a few
>>>> units in stock in Miami if anyone wants to buy just one or two; and Leah
>>>> said they could look into updating the laptop.org website to make the
>>>> offer public
>>> I belive SL business is the software We should not pay for any hardware
>>> (besides the servers) that must be provided from PC manufacturers for
>>> development ans testing. We already have experience with Intell locally.
>> You do not think SL should offer hardware to developers to raise funds?
> Can you also please explain what is what you are proposing?

I think SL should offer hardware to developers to raise funds, and to make
these developers more effective at meeting the needs of Sugar users, the
majority of which are XO-1 users.

> - OLPC is now also offering a newer model, a classmate-spec machine, and
>>>> will send me details about this; its rugged and branded but not got the
>>>> pixel qi screen.
>>>> - OLPC only ships Sugar, and is very happy with it, and wants to
>>>> support the developer community although isn't sure how to so;
>>> And we are very happy supporting the OLPCs too. We would like to
>>> continue doing so in a sustainable way for active members. We should let
>>> them know, we are developing a thematic fund structure for OLPC and other
>>> "investors" to be able to directorate the resources into specific projects.
>> I agree that they ought to be one of the many companies we approach for
>> funding in the future :)
> I read from your email they are ready to "support the developer community"
> so *let's not keep everybody waiting*!
> :D

What are the concrete next steps to take along that path?

IAEP -- It's An Education Project (not a laptop project!)

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