Great work.
Very clear.
May be you could share your slides too for those that had no time to see
the video.


2016-06-25 0:20 GMT+02:00 Sameer Verma <>:

> It's been interesting to watch the conversations around vision, mission,
> marketing, etc. over the last few weeks. Several observations emerge. Here
> are a few that I think are relevant to us.
> 1) There is a lot of confusion over the terms. Vision, Mission, Goals,
> etc.
> 2) Perhaps the confusion stems from not knowing how these pieces fit
> together, and the roles these play.
> 3) There are several confounding variables at play. For example, Sugar is
> a FOSS project. Sugarlabs is an agency established to
> foster/facilitate/support Sugar, the project. However, the two are not the
> same. So, in our effort to establish a strategic plan, the unit of analysis
> should be clear. For me, as a SLOB member, the unit of analysis is
> Sugarlabs, the agency. Everything I look at, is through that lens,
> including Sugar, OLPC, Sugarizer, etc.
> I've put together a screencast describing how all these things are
> related. I hope this will bring some clarity.
> cheers,
> Sameer
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