I would like to see a free IBM Session Manager and a Workload Simulator.

Giving away software isn't usually deemed to be UNFAIR.

Trying to kill off your competition is STANDARD business practice.

Now if they do both unequally, such as offer you the session manager but not
the workload simulator because you are trying to buy a session manager from
compeditor X. And then offer me the workload simulator but not the session
mamanger because we have contacted compeditor Y about their workload
simulator. That is UNFAIR.

/Tom Kern 

On Wed, 9 Jan 2008 11:51:52 -0600, Anton Britz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>In Kathy Tyrrell's presentation at Share... Session Number 1020 on the 13 of
>of August 2007, she mentions the folloiwng complementary tools from IBM:
>- CICS BAC  ( Cemt from batch )
>- IBM session manager (Vtam and Tcp/Ip session manager )
>- Workload simulator ( Application stress and regression testing)
>- Vsam transparency ( Helps them sell DB2)
>Question :
>Is anybody using these tools and is this not unfair business practice..
>Giving away software in order to KILL other software vendors ?

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